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BAPS Awards

Sarah Chapman Making a Difference

The diaries are booked, and an air of excitement and anticipation flow freely throughout the team headquarters at Operation Diversity who are attending the BAPS Award Ceremony in Athena, Leicester, on the 3rdNovember 2021. The founder and CEO of Operation Diversity, Sarah Chapman has been
Reaction to Nomination

Sarah Chapman Nominated as Finalist at BAPs Awards

Sarah Chapman has been nominated as a Finalist in the ‘Making a Difference’ category at this years BAP Awards.  This is an emotional acknowledgement of the hard work of Ms Chapman in the SEND community, see video here. If you think Sarah is worthy of

Sarah Chapman's Story...

My name is Sarah Chapman. I am a neurodivergent 36 year old mother of four, Founder & CEO of Operation Diversity (my 5th baby!) and a very different person to who I used to be. Eleven years ago, I was living in poverty with petrified

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Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Today 8th May 2020 marks 75 years to the day in which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Nazi Germany. This monumentous day now known as “Victory in Europe Day,” finally bought

DYSLEXIA SUCCESS: A Survival Guide for Dyslexic Students studying in Higher Education

‘Dyslexia’ has nothing to do with your intelligence, your diet, lifestyle, the colour of your skin or your family background – It is just how your brain works. Your way is not the wrong way, just different.  Too many people wrongly assume that being Dyslexic

Parenting, SEN, Education, SEN and Covid-19

Since being thrown into this chaotic experience of isolation, I have been doing my best to be of service to parents and carers to help them navigate these uncharted waters.  So many have this shared feeling of uncertainty which they are coming to terms with