EHCP Contents Appeal – EHCP – Section B/F and I

EHCP - Contents Appeal EHCP Section BF and I
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This package is only for those that have not already purchased the Draft Check from us.

Steps to success:

  • Purchase the package
  • You will receive an email within 24hrs requesting all the evidence for your EHCP assessment – on word or pdf documents. This should include the original request and then reports that were sent with the initial request, as well as reports created during the assessment stage. If you have used the draft check service and chosen option 2 for this package, then we will already have this documentation.
  • Once these have been received you will be emailed with a date, within 10 working days that your appeal form will be returned to you completed.
  • We will also book in a 1hr support call to discuss what you want to focus on during the appeal.
  • You will need to acquire a mediation certificate to continue with the appeal. Our findings can also be used during mediation if this is your preferred next step.
  • You will receive the completed appeal form, with full details of what you want to achieve during the appeal and a supporting evidence document, including a full draft check – outlining all the need and provision that have been identified in the reports but not used in section B and F.
  • You will then either post or email this in to start your appeal, with all evidence and mediation certificate.
  • You will then hear back from the SENDIST and we will support on email by answering any questions you have as the process moves forward.
  • Once you have your working document sent to you by the LA- this package includes one set of amendments on the plan, so all evidenced needs and provisions from your reports will be transferred to the working document using the accurate key. This can then be emailed to the LA to negotiate the next steps.
  • If you appeal is around section I then we will support by email to help you gather your evidence to support your parental school choice (directions as to what is needed will come from the SENDIST), but we will not do this for you.
  • We will aim to empower you to be able to take it forward from there, but you can then book additional hours of admin or call time at £40 per hour if you feel necessary.
  • This package does not include face to face advocacy during any hearing, but it will empower you to go it alone, or the documentation can be used by an alternate advocate in your location.
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