EHCP Quality Check Package

EHCP - Parent Request - Operation Diversity Academy
  • Price: £ 170.00
  • £ 0.00

Steps to success:

  • Select and purchase your Quality Check
  • You will then receive an email within 24hrs requesting all reports and the EHCP in PDF or Word format.
  • You return the documents via email and once received this is the date from which we guarantee 5 working day turnaround.
  • You will receive an email with a reply stating the date on which your Quality Check report will be returned to you via email. This includes the full report in PDF and word, as well as a feedback email re the findings and quality concerns.
  • Following this you can then purchase a 1hr call @£35
  • Email support about the check is included in the price, so you can ask any questions you have.

The Quality Check includes:

  • Identification of needs and provisions from up to 5 reports, additional reports will be charged at £17.50per report to check.
  • Any needs missed from section B are detailed so it is clear what has been left out of the EHCP.
  • Request for the LA to include all provision in section F which have been found in reports.
  • Details of the law around specification – so it is clear to the LA what you are expecting.
  • The report asks questions of each provision in section F in regard to any lack of specification/quantification and asks the LA to request further clarification from the report writer if necessary.
  • Details a list of the specified provisions which school should be following – This can be used in a review to question what is taking place

Our Quality checks can be used to:

  • Feedback of your views prior or during a review.
  • Evidence to call an interim review
  • Used to negotiate with any school setting re a lack of provisions being followed Identification of why needs many be unmet in school
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