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FREE – V E Day bunting to decorate your homes today!

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Today 8th May 2020 marks 75 years to the day in which Allied forces formally announced the surrender of Nazi Germany. This monumentous day now known as “Victory in Europe Day,” finally bought the end of WWII (World War Two) in Europe!

Today as a nation we are in lockdown due to COVID-19 and understandably all major public events have been cancelled. I hope that we will all come together  as a strong and empowered Neurodivergent/ SEND community to commemorate and celebrate Victory in Europe Day a different way! Did you know that it is ‘a thing’ this year to have your V E Day celebration events on your own front garden (applying social distancing rules and staying a safe distance away from all of your neighbours)? 

We may have to obey social distancing rules and cannot therefore have whole street parties with neighbours, friends and families sat side by side but on this special 75th V E Day, we can have a garden party with the members of our own households! 

Fire up the Alexa everyone, crank up the volume on ‘Vera Lynn’, ‘Doris Day’ and other World War classics and get in the moment! Why don’t you put up some bunting to add the perfect and special touch to your V E Day garden party? 

To help you with this we have created some free downloadable, printable bunting A4 PDFs for you and your families to use at home and we have even included some black and white ones that you can your family can colour in together! 

Hold your families close today everyone and remember to participate in the two minutes silence as 11am this morning! 

Take care, stay safe and stay well! Lots of love from the Operation Diversity Team xx

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Special Request!

It would be absolutely amazing if you would please take a picture once your decorative bunting is hanging up proudly in your home or garden and post it on social media to show us! You can tag our FACEBOOK PAGE using: @operationdiversity and the Hashtags #OperationDiversity #VEDay75



Yes, it’s our 4th Birthday and to celebrate, we are offering all new members the chance to sign up to our amazing membership website completely FREE for a WHOLE MONTH!


This is the first time we have offered this – E.V.E.R!


Come and celebrate our 4th birthday and sign up completely free for a whole month and access all of our membership website, webinars, resources and private members group where you will find myself and an amazing team of SEND professionals who will be there supporting you every day!


What will you get from joining the Operation Diversity Academy?

**** You will feel listened to, fully understood, and backed up via our incredible private members community which is like no other! – Seriously – Our academy members have learnt so much from our webinars, group and live sessions their knowledge will blow your mind! This is a sister group to this one!

**** Neurodivergence and SEND is our ‘NORM’ so don’t worry about ignorant, inaccurate or misleading comments from ‘wiki-experts’ and parents of Neurotypical children with PhDs in condescension – This will be your go-to SAFE PLACE.

***** We can unpick everything you have going on and want or need help with and help you to see clearly (maybe differently), give you strategies for the whole family, direct you and guide you through the process and just be there for you when you need us the most. That is our promise to you… x

Together we can work with you to secure provision so tight it will make your Local Authority’s butt clench. If you want to join because you need support for you at home then rest assured, we can do this too. You will be able to relax, feeling calmer, and more prepared to tackle anything!

**Please note this is the last chance to sign up on the current membership rate too (£14.99 month or £149.90 annual) Next week we will be increasing the cost of the membership for new members joining from 11th May 2020 to £19.99 a month.

Your membership will stay at the founding member rate of £14.99 per month if you JOIN BY MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 10th May 2020! and decide to continue your membership after one month.

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