General Meeting Attendance Form

BOOK a SEND Law Advocate to attend a meeting with you and your child’s school

This service includes the following:

  • One-hour: Zoom consultant prior to the meeting to go through the key points you feel need to be addressed during the meeting
  • Two hours: Reviewing relevant documentation/correspondence prior to the meeting
  • One hour: Support and advocacy during the first hour of the meeting
  • We will ensure the outcomes agreed have all been recorded in the minutes of the meeting

Our SEND Law Advocates will attend your meeting and support you with any issues you are experiencing. They will ensure your voice, wishes, feelings, as well as those of your child, are heard and included in decision making. Note: Should your meeting overrun beyond an hour, or if you have substantial documentation to review which will take longer than the allocated times, we charge in 15-minute increments for each additional block of time at £12.50 ex. VAT (invoiced separately).

  • If you have confirmed the date of your meeting please include it below:
  • If you have confirmed the time for your meeting on the above date please include it below:
  • If you have not yet confirmed the date or time for the meeting please let us know some approximate dates/times when the meeting may be taking place so we can check our schedule and get you booked in so you can confirm with the school/LA.
  • Please provide details of what the meeting is for and what you would like to achieve from the meeting so we can direct your enquiry to the right team member. If you do not know yet we can discuss this during your pre-meeting preparation consultation so we are clear about the outcome we are aiming for.
  • Price Includes VAT