Refusal To Issue | Drafting your Appeal

“Refusal to Issue” – Drafting your “Grounds of Appeal.”

Our Refusal to Issue “Grounds of Appeal” service includes the following:

  • Writing your tribunal appeal form on your behalf
  • Reviewing all of the supporting documents
  • Writing your grounds based on the evidence provided.
  • Explicitly outline why an Educational Health Care Plan is essential for your child.
  • Email correspondence with yourselves to ensure that the Grounds of Appeal is a true reflection of your child’s special educational needs and the reasons why an Education, Health and Care Plan is essential.
  • We will then email your Grounds of Appeal and supporting documents in numerical order for you to check.
  • You can then lodge your tribunal appeal with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST).

Note: SENDIST is the independent appeal panel that considers parental appeals against Education Authority decisions about Special Educational Needs (SEND).

£500.00£550.00 ex. VAT

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