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Welcome to Operation Diversity Academy!

The best online Neurodivergence training and support membership site for parents, carers and guardians who want to do more to support and empower their Neurodivergent children and young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) in education and at home.

Every day, we are helping our members navigate through the complex world of Special Education Needs (SEN) identification, assessment, support and services. As a member you will not only have access to our online training seminars, but you will also have access to a wide-range of resources and expert advice to enable you to advocate successfully using the best options available to you and your children. Our dedicated private members VIP Facebook group also offers unlimited access to our team and other members 24/7.

What is the Academy?

Think of it as your one-stop shop for all things SEN, making connections, receiving support, acquiring knowledge, accessing tools, inspiration, strength, strategies, resources and specialist training. Our Academy Live sessions are online seminars that you can watch from the comfort of your own homes, in your pyjamas if you wanted to, without worrying about having to pay out for taking time off work, travelling, accommodation or expensive childcare. They are geared towards helping you as much as humanely possible. We are a passionate to the bones about what we do and dedicated to being there for you when you need us the most!

Our guest contributors so far include:

We have an amazing range of professionals who have shared their knowledge and experience with you

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Academy family

As a member of the Academy you will join our Academy Family and gain access to our vast library of online training sessions, workbooks and resources, all packed with strategies and useful information that you can apply.

Support, advice & tips

As an Academy member you will also be added to our active private members Facebook group. This is a private group that is full of support, advice and tips and is there for you to access whenever you need it.

Monthly mixer sessions

Staying on the subject of you…we also have a monthly mixer session just for the adults in the group. This is a chance to get to know other parents & carers in a relaxed online environment in the comfort of your own home.

Support, advice & tips

As a busy parent we also know that self-care is often pushed way down the list and so, yep you’ve guessed it, we have got you covered on this area too! Our Self Care section will allow you to spend some time focusing on you instead of your family.

Packed full of resources

Each category is packed with helpful videos from tech training to masterclasses on specific SEN related subjects. No more feeling lost in information or like you don’t know where to begin. Our job is to make it easier for you.

Access to experts

Literally around the clock 24/7. When I say you have access to me and my team, I mean it. Whenever you need help you just have to ask us in our Facebook group and we will be there to support you.

Ultimately, we are going to empower you!

More Motivation

We will be there to lean on and share the journey. You will not feel like you are doing it alone.

Less Stress

No more feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We will guide you through the process with actionable steps to reach your advocacy goals.

Save Money

Giving you access to the Operation Diversity Academy package will save you a fortune in SEN courses, products and other expenses.

What will happen when you join?



No more going in circles – feeling bogged down, whilst sifting through random information on the internet. We are going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do in-order to best advocate and support your child or young person.


We will teach and guide you

Once we are clear on where you are at right now in your journey, your challenges, where you might need support and what you would like to achieve, we can signpost you towards the best webinars, masterclasses or resources so that you can get started.


We will help you implement what you learn

Once you have learnt some tried and tested strategies, you can start to implement them. There are opportunities to ask our experts questions, book our Live Q&A sessions or attend our online mixers where you can discuss them with other parents and carers.


We will provide individualised help

You will have access to support 24/ 7. If you have a burning question, need some feedback, suggestions to manage certain dilemmas, a recommendation for a product or you just need support, we are all here to help you (hundreds of us!).


You will have access to our digital library

You will not only have access to all previous specialist SEN seminars, masterclasses and resources in our online digital library but each month, it will be growing with new resources and live sessions happening regularly.


You will get to know other parents and carers

Once you have subscribed you can complete your member profile inside our membership site and connect with other parents nationwide. Some of these members you will meet live on our mixers too!

Our Seminars and Masterclasses

Here’s just a small selection of the sessions you’ll get instant access to when you join.

and so much more...

Don't just take our word for it!

A few words from some of our empowered parents and carers

Frequenty asked questions

You have two options. The price of the membership is currently just £19.99 per month or alternatively, you can sign up for our annual subscription offer and pay for just ten months and get two free, saving you £39.89. Both options give you access to all the academy offers, inclusive of our previous sessions! Huge amounts or support, information and advice.

The Operation Diversity Academy costs just 49p a day!

Such a small fee for such a huge package for yourself and the family.

The Academy doors are now open for new members. This opportunity only happens for a few days a year, so this opening needs to be grabbed before you miss out.

Need help and support?

Let us help you, by providing you with the right tools and the right knowledge at the right time. This way, we can help change your lives for the better.

Too often we hear from parents who feel ‘out of their depth’, frustrated and overwhelmed by the sheer challenges they face, whether that is managing challenging behaviour at home or feeling fobbed off by professionals.

 Join now, to feel inspired, to take action, as we help support you to learn the skills for your individual SEND journey.

Can I afford it?

Can you afford not to?

A few of our members recently joked that they still be members, long after the kids have left home! However, you can cancel your subscription inside our membership site at any point, should you need to. There is no obligation to stay but rest assured we will be here working hard to support you and your family. Just tell us what you need!

We offer support to all age ranges, from primary years to adults: inclusive of home education, primary and secondary, Further and Higher Education. We also offer support with the transition from education through to employment: preparation for working life.

We are completely committed to making sure that all our members have our undivided attention and so by holding dedicated enrolment periods just a few times a year, we can create an outstanding experience where all our new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Operation Diversity Academy has to offer.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us before joining please drop us a message either on the Operation Diversity Facebook page or via email –

Enrolement is currently closed

Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the Operation Diversity Academy.

As you have landed on this page it means that enrolment is currently closed. However, we are pleased to announce that the doors to the Operation Diversity Academy open again in 2020 – dates to be announced.

All you need to do is enter your name and email address in the box and you will be the first to know when membership reopens for new registrations. Even better, we will drop some time sensitive discount codes direct to your inbox! You will need to be quick to snap up the codes before they expire!!!

See you on the inside!

Sarah Chapman
Founder and CEO, Operation Diversitiy

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It’s decision time

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