I know how being a parent or carer of a child with Special Educational Needs (SEN) of any kind, even today, can be so isolating and overwhelming, particularly when you are not receiving the help and support you so badly need and want for yourself or your children. Sometimes you feel like you don’t even know where to start and it causes so much stress and heartache.

When children are not appropriately supported it can also be detrimental to them long term, impacting on their academic achievement, life chances, mental health and emotional wellbeing. The world of SEN can quite literally be a minefield and with so much conflicting info at times it can be extremely difficult to navigate.

Every child has the right to learn, to be given access to intervention, support and to reach their full potential.

As a member of the Operation Diversity Academy I want to help you feel supported, empowered and armed with the right tools and knowledge so that both you and your child will feel inspired, motivated, confident and bursting with a positive mindset.

The academy is a safe place where we can bring in a diverse range of professionals and inspirational people to help and support you and your family, whilst helping your child to embrace their Neurodivergence!

The doors to the Academy are currently open for enrolment (but will be closing soon to new members).

We’ve helped hundreds of parents & carers to ensure that their children have the very best from their education, home and social lives and we would love to help you and your family too!



• As a member of the Academy you will join our Academy Family and gain access to our vast library of online training sessions, workbooks and resources, all  packed with strategies and useful information that you can apply. The library is built with busy parents in mind. You can access sessions freely in your own time as all sessions are recorded. You also get access to me and my team of specialist SEND experts so you can gain the knowledge required to help your child THRIVE.

• Each category is packed with helpful videos from tech training to masterclasses on specific SEN related subjects. No more feeling lost in information or like you don’t know where to begin. Our job is to make it easier for you.
• We also have a whole section dedicated to SEN Law with templates should you need them. We know SEN Law can be a minefield but it’s a battle you shouldn’t have to go into alone and we’re here to guide you and support you. For example we have masterclasses on EHCP Applications, EHCP Tribunal Appeals, EHCP Parental Submissions and even a session on challenging illegal exclusions. 
• As a busy parent we also know that self-care is often pushed way down the list and so, yep you’ve guessed it, we have got you covered on this area too! Our Self Care section will allow you to spend some time focusing on you instead of your family which will help you to de-stress, unwind and figure out a plan to aim for success in any area of your life!
• Staying on the subject of you…we also have a monthly mixer session just for the adults in the group. This is a chance to get to know other parents & carers in a relaxed online environment in the comfort of your own home. We know this journey can be extremely lonely at times but with our online sessions we’ve watched friendships flourish and seen our wonderfully supportive our members are of each other.
• For our Mini Members, we also have sessions just for them! Our Online Mixer, is a chance for the children of the community to come together online in a safe environment and make friends, bond and be inspired by each other.
• We also run regular Junior Webinars, Study Skill sessions & Skills Spotlight interviews featuring guests from an array of industries who have been diagnosed with a ‘learning difference’ and have gone on to achieve great things, our aim is to inspire everyone and show our younger audience that anything is possible!
• As an Academy member you will also be added to our active private members Facebook group. This is a private group that is full of support, advice and tips and is there for you to access whenever you need it. Literally around the clock 24/7. When I say you have access to me and my team, I mean it. Whenever you need help you just have to ask me and we will be there to support you.



















How much is the membership subscription?

You have two options. The price of the membership is currently just £14.99 per month or alternatively you can sign up for our annual subscription offer and pay for just ten months and get two free, saving you £29.98. Both options give you access to all the academy offers, inclusive of our previous sessions! Huge amounts or support, information and advice. 

What age range and types of education do you cover in the academy?

We offer support to all age ranges, from primary years to adults: inclusive of home education, primary and secondary, Further and Higher Education. We also offer support with the transition from education through to employment: preparation for working life.

Who can join the Operation Diversity Academy?

The academy is exclusively available to parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).


What is a webinar?

A webinar is a training seminar or event conducted over the internet. The sessions are live presentations that can involve delivering training, some discussion, demonstrations or instruction. Ultimately, they are an accessible and efficient way to transmit and share information. Most of our webinars will involve a speaker delivering a presentation to you. The speaker will be on the screen and you will see their presentation (you will not be on camera). You can ask questions and participate via an online chat box or through posting specific questions to the Q&A box.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes of course, but we hope that you wont! There is no tie in, once you’ve paid, you can cancel at any time. Our No 1 priority is YOU and YOUR NEEDS as a member of our amazing community. Cancel anytime / no obligation to stay but rest assured we will be there working hard to support you so you don’t want to. Just tell us what you need!